2022 Planning Guide

Sponsorships & Advertising

The AMA offers a wide variety of sponsorships & Advertising opportunities throughout the year. Promote your brand and services to the members of one of the largest Apartment Associations in the Nation. Take advantage of our Event sponsorships or advertise your organization and get the exposure needed to gain credibility among thousands of multifamily professionals.

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For more information on sponsorships & advertising contact:
(Phoenix) Charniss Moore, cmoore@azmultihousing.org , 602-296-6208
(Tucson) Linda Morales, lmorales@azmultihousing.org , 520-323-0643 

Patron Program

The Patron Program recognizes the extraordinary financial contributions, sponsorships, and event participation of AMA Industry Partner Members in a calendar year. Each year, by underwriting multiple AMA networking and educational opportunities, they elevate the level of benefits we are able to provide to our members. 

There are three levels: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. This program is intended to recognize the financial support of members who regularly go above and beyond by affording them the recognition and appreciation they deserve.

Is all the money that I spend with the AMA going towards my Patron status?

Your membership dues and AMAPAC, BGF or AMCF donations do not count towards your Patron Member status.

If I spend enough this year to achieve a Patron Member level, will I be a Patron next year?

Yes! You will become a Patron Member for the following year. For example, if your company spends $10,000-$12,499 in sponsorships in 2021 you will be a Gold Patron Member for 2022.

When AMA requests that my company sponsors AMA functions does it all go towards my Patron status?

All sponsorship dollars are applied to your Patron Member status. Remember there are lots of opportunities to sponsor AMA events, networking, and education programs. Contact Charnissa for more information.

What are the benefits of becoming a Patron?

Patron Members are very visible with our AMA members. Your company name and logo are included on the website and Apartment News as well as in other communications to our members. It is important to know this is just one aspect of working with AMA members. It is critical to get involved in AMA events and activities including joining a committee.

What happens once I reach Patron status?

Throughout the year, the AMA will provide you information on your Patron Member status. It is important to work with the AMA team to let us know what your goals are, so we can help you develop a plan to get there. Once the goals have been agreed on, we will send you a document that outlines what opportunities you agree to sponsor. You will sign it and return it to the AMA.