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Vaccination Survey:
The AZ Dept of Health Services is asking employers with essential employees to fill out this survey for consideration to receive COVID-19 vaccine when available. Note that property management is an essential service.  This form is intended for employers of Phase 1B essential workers to attest that they meet the prioritization criteria and request a COVID-19 vaccine allocation for their workforce.

In order to be considered for a vaccine allocation during Phase 1B when vaccine is available, employers are encouraged to share their vaccination plans including how many essential employees require vaccination. Note that the sub-prioritization process will be based on vaccine availability, local allocation and risk assessment of each group. It is recommended that employers consider their continuity of operations plans while completing this form.

Individual Vaccination Portal Registration & Instructions:
Click here to share this information with your employees to register directly for vaccinations.  Employees who are 65 or older or those with underlying health conditions might be eligible for vaccinations sooner than Phase 1B essential employees. 

Maricopa County - Phase 1B

AZ Vaccination Prioritization

Arizona Humane Society: Supporting Pets and People During COVID-19

Pets are family, and Pet Housing Help AZ is committed to helping both our four- and two-legged friends who have been impacted by COVID-19. The top animal welfare organizations in the Valley have teamed up to provide information, resources and a community rehoming/temporary foster network for struggling pet owners impacted by the COVID-19 housing crisis.

Pet Housing Help AZ 

CDC Eviction Moratorium Order Guidance (updated 10.16.20)

10.19.20 UPDATE

10.16.20 UPDATE

Important Update Regarding Centers for Disease Control Eviction Moratorium

On Wednesday (October 14, 2020) the Arizona Supreme Court released Administrative Order 2020-163 clearly allowing property owners to file eviction actions and even allowing property owners to obtain judgments in non-payment of rent cases even if a residents has provided CDC declaration to the owner. 
This new Administrative Order comes on the heels of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) releasing Frequently Asked Questions clearly allowing for states to administer and property owners to file eviction actions even when a CDC declaration has been filed. 

What this means for rental property owners and managers:

  • Property owners can file eviction actions (including those for nonpayment of rent cases) even when residents have provided a CDC declaration.
  • Property Owners can challenge any CDC declaration that they have received from their resident.
  • If a judgement is granted and a resident has completed a CDC declaration, then the execution of the writ of restitution will be delayed until the expiration of the CDC order (after December 31, 2020)

Most importantly:

  • We advise all AMA members to consult with their legal counsel prior to making these determines or updating your policy.
  • Property owners may challenge the CDC declaration in limited circumstances; however, we strongly advise all AMA members to consult with their legal counsel if and when challenging any CDC declaration provided by a resident. 
  • When challenging a CDC declaration, DO NOT demand or otherwise give the appearance that any information that you are requesting from a resident is required.  Residents are not required to provide any supporting documentation that a rental owner may request.
  • Be sure to present your legal counsel with any CDC declaration that was filed.  While the new CDC guidance allows for the processing of evictions, the CDC order does prohibit the actual removal of the resident (writ of restitution) if a CDC declaration was filed. 
  • Remember any violation of the CDC order (in this case the execution of the writ when a CDC declaration has been filed) could result in severe criminal penalties including a $500,000 fine and up to one year in prison.


9.4.20 UPDATE

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at the direction of the President, filed an order in the Federal Register yesterday to temporarily halt residential evictions to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. All rental housing owners should prepare for the order to go into effect Friday, September 4.
The CDC order will bar evictions of renters in residential housing until December 31, 2020. AMA has put together a summary of the CDC order as well as a resident affidavit form for your residents. AMA recommends that all companies implement new policies and procedures for approval of all evictions as any person or organization that violates the CDC order may be subject to up to $500,000 in fines per violation and/or jail time. 

Helpful Links:

Rental Assistance Resources (updated 10.6.20)

AMA Rental Assistance List  

Rental Property Owner Preservation Fund (RPOPF)

Tucson Rental Assistance

Resident Info Sheet

Landlord Tenant Program (City of Phoenix)

Emergency Assistance Relief Flyer 
English | Spanish

ADOH Eviction Assistance

City of Glendale Property Owner Preservation Program

Guidance On Re-opening of Gyms And Fitness Centers (updated 8.28.20)

Gyms and fitness centers are now able to open in most counties across Arizona.  AMA has created industry specific guidance to assist you and your residents as you prepare to re-open.  Per recent communication from Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) this week, some apartment communities and home owner associations have been informed “Fitness centers associated with a private residence such as an apartment complex, condominium complex, or homeowner’s association, are not required to comply with the procedures in Emergency Measure 2020-02.  While ADHS recommends that you encourage your residents to follow COVID-19 prevention practices as outlined in the ADHS Requirements for Indoor Gyms and Fitness Centers, this is not a requirement for you to open or operate”. 

The AMA strongly recommends that each individual apartment community complete and submit the ADHS attestation form and follow COVID-19 prevention practices as outlined in the ADHS requirements for indoor gyms and fitness centers. Further it is highly recommended that you retain the ADHS email response for each community.  This is a developing interpretation that ADHS has not been willing to share industry wide and in a public manner such as on their website thus it remains subject to revision and modification by ADHS and the Governor's Office in the future.

Helpful Links: 

Sample Community Resident Letters for AZ Universities (updated 8.28.20)

Arizona universities have reached out to the AMA asking for support to communicate to residents the importance of adhering to state, local and university COVID-19 guidelines.  AMA has drafted sample letters that your communities can edit to send to residents on or near universities.  As the universities welcome students back to school it is important we do our part to keep our communities and residents safe.  We can all agree that we have a common goal to reduce the spread COVID-19 ensuring the schools have every opportunity to stay open and keep students safe this school year. 


Guidance on Arizona EO Eviction Delay (updated 7.29.20)

The AMA has created a member guidance regarding the new eviction delay executive order including a flow chart and sample form for renters to complete.  The flow chart will assist your teams on navigating the new EO and the CARES Act eviction moratorium. 

Helpful Links:

Arizona Housing Financial Assistance Programs

This document is a list of resources available to Arizona tenants struggling to meet their financial obligations as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.


Amenity Re-Opening Guidance
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