AMA 5 Star Program with Project S.A.F.E.

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AMA 5 Star Safety Certification 
with Project S.A.F.E. 

Registration is open through 9/30/24

Designed to reduce criminal activity, improve safety, as well as unite community organizations and individuals, the 5 Star Certification program is the ultimate way to demonstrate your property's elevated commitment to fostering safer communities.

As an AMA 5 Star Certified Community, you set yourself apart from other rental properties by holding yourself to a higher standard of management practices, customer caring and neighborhood involvement - a distinction to truly be proud of!

2024 Registration & Renewal Here

The 5 Stars:

View the On-Demand 5 Star Orientation Session and collect proof of viewing by September 30th.* (Link to Orientation video will be provided after registration and will only be available to watch until 9/30. Orientation is cut off early, because participants must view the video with enough time to learn about next steps to successfully complete the whole program in time for the November 30 deadline. (Instructions for submitting proof of viewing will be included in the Orientation video.)

Enroll in and complete the first phase of your city's Crime Free Multi-housing (CFMH) program. Enrollment is through your city's police department.

Popular programs include Phoenix, - opens in a new tab - opens in a new tab - opens in a new tab Tucson - opens in a new tab - opens in a new tab - opens in a new tab , Tempe - opens in a new tab - opens in a new tab - opens in a new tab and Mesa's Tri-star program.  If you do not see your city listed here, please search for your local police department's Crime Free Multi-housing offerings (or equivalent). (Please note that as of 2024, Gilbert's Crime-free "Lite" program will no longer be accepted for Star #2 of the 5 Star Program. Please sign up for neighboring community's CFMH program.)

If your city does not have a CFMH program, you may attend a neighboring community's program. Requirement must be met before November 30th*

Attend two Community Coalition Meetings before November 30th. AMA offers ten different groups that meet across the Phoenix Valley area, Tucson and Sierra Vista! Find details about your closest Community Coalition HERE - opens in a new tab - opens in a new tab - opens in a new tab!

Host AND attend a Project S.A.F.E. safety social before November 30th. Learn more about Project S.A.F.E. HERE >>> - opens in a new tab - opens in a new tab - opens in a new tab.

Once you have achieved your first four Stars, submit a 5 Star Application for completion (with required registration fee if not previously provided) and required documentation by November 30th.

At this time, you may also enroll in the "5 Star Best Of Awards" (formerly the Project S.A.F.E. Best Of Awards**)! Simply select "yes" on the last question to open up the Best Of Contest Submission Form for participants interested in being considered for the awards. Categories you my enroll in include: 

  • Best Resident Turnout for Project S.A.F.E.
  • Best Community Participation for Project S.A.F.E.
  • Best Community Invitation or Flyer for Project S.A.F.E.
  • Best Use of Theme for Project S.A.F.E.
  • Shirley Arthur's Committee's Choice for Best Overall Project S.A.F.E. Event
  • NEW THIS YEAR - Best Community Coalition Engagement

See FAQs under Resources below for more information on the contest.

Fill Out Your Application HERE! - opens in a new tab - opens in a new tab - opens in a new tab

The 5 Star Safety Certification season runs January 1 - November 30. Any stars achieved during that time will count towards your certification. All participants who successfully achieve all of their Stars will receive a certification of completion and recognition at AMA's annual 5 Star with Project S.A.F.E. Awards in February of the following year.

* You need only complete Stars #3-5 each year if you have achieved your 5 Star Safety Certification in the last three years AND your Crime Free Multi-housing Certification is current. Proof of current Crime Free Multi-housing certification will be required with your final renewal application.

** Please note that Project S.A.F.E. is no longer offered as a stand-alone certification, but holding a Project S.A.F.E. event each year is still a requirement in achieving the full 5 Star Safety Certification.

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