More Opportunities To Get Involved And Network

Joining a committee is a rewarding experience and one of the best ways to get involved at the AMA and maximize your membership value!

The AMA relies heavily on Regular and Industry Partner member volunteer leaders to assist in planning events and coordinating AMA programs. Through volunteering on AMA committees, our members can develop professional and leadership skills, build meaningful relationships with peers, and work side-by-side with industry leaders all while being an integral part of the operations and overall success of the AMA. Members are invited to volunteer on the committees that best suit their talents and interests. 

Committee Details:

  • Typically, each committee meets on a monthly basis either at the AMA office in Phoenix or at a specified Tucson meeting location. All committee meetings also have a Zoom option. 
  • Unless otherwise noted, committee meetings are open to all AMA members. 
  • We request each company limit participation to two employees per committee.
  • In order to keep our committees successful, committee members missing more than 20% of meetings (without giving prior notice to the committee’s AMA staff liaison) will be considered to have voluntarily stepped down and removed from the committee. 
  • You may not split/share your committee membership with someone in your organization, nor may you transfer your membership to someone else in between sign-up periods.
  • We recommend serving on no more than two committees at a time to ensure you can meet the time commitment required of each committee.
  • Each committee shall have no more than 50 members.

Do you have an interest in serving on the AMA Board of Directors, Executive Committee or as a Committee Chair? Use this checklist - opens in a new tab - opens in a new tab - opens in a new tab - opens in a new tab - opens in a new tab to help you plan and prepare for your leadership role.

Currently Serving On A Committee?

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AMCF (Big Hearts) Committee

Mission: Enhance the lives of community members through the cultivation of opportunities and financial resources that address homelessness, support education, and inspire hope in our neighborhoods, while providing a philanthropic network for our AMA members to improve their own lives while positively impacting Arizona.

Responsibilities: The Big Hearts Committee volunteers and raises money for and determines the direction of the association’s charitable causes. Big Hearts includes the Julie Hurst and Steve Peters Scholarship fund which is available to AMA members and their dependents for higher education.

Meets: Monthly on the third Tuesday (starting in 2023) from 9am-10am
Events: Host 5-6 fundraising events/activities throughout the year, with additional opportunities to volunteer directly with our charitable partners.
Staff Liaison: Jenica Hickey

Meets: Monthly on a Wednesday at noon
Staff Liaison: Linda Morales
  • Brandi Reynolds
    Brandi Reynolds
    Business Development and Client Relations RENCO Roofing (602)867-9386
  • Jamie Medina
    Jamie Medina
    Cardinal Group Management
  • Lisa Jones
    Lisa Jones
    Marketing and Training Manager HSL Asset Management-Tucson (520)444-0500
  • Mikki Donley
    Mikki Donley
    Account Manager Redi Carpet -Tucson (520)443-0239

Maintenance Event Committee

The Maintenance Event Committee plans and executes the annual maintenance events in Phoenix and Tucson. The committee builds attendance and helps to market the event to the industry.

In Phoenix, Maintenance Event is a subcommittee of the Events Committee.
Meets: June-November
Event Date: November
Staff Liaison: Melissa Lanouette

Meets: June - November
Event Date: November
Staff Liaison: Linda Morales
  • Casey Hale
    Casey Hale
    P.B. Bell
    Phoenix Co-Chair
  • Dustin Kerby
    Dustin Kerby
    Sales Consultant Airspeed Mechanical (480)235-4552
    Phoenix Co-Chair
  • Bob Pond
    Bob Pond
    HSL Asset Management-Tucson (520)400-0207
    Tucson Chair
  • Kristin Harding
    Kristin Harding
    National Account Manager HD Supply Facilities Maintenance (520)981-4431
    Tucson Vice-Chair

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee provides energy, support and creativity that drives the recruitment and retention of membership. Mentors new members providing immediate connections and effective integration into the AMA. Committee members also make recommendations and determination of member benefit programs.

Meets: Monthly on the Third Wednesday from 9am-10am
Staff Liaison: Charnissa Moore
  • Michelle Jenson
    Michelle Jenson
    Chief Property Officer P.B. Bell
  • Daniel Vollmer
    Daniel Vollmer
    Vice President Blue Steel Security Services (602)283-4827

Social Responsibility Committee

The Social Responsibility Committee partners with local, private, and public organizations to provide member communities with resources to create a better environment for staff, residents and neighbors. The Social Responsibility Committee includes the AMA 5-Star program, including Project SAFE and Community Coalitions.

Meets: Monthly on the second Thursday (starting in 2024) from 9:00-10:00am
Events: Awards ceremony in February. Asked to help promote 5-Star program at various AMA events and help 5-Star enrollees with Project S.A.F.E. events throughout the year.
Staff Liaison: Jenica Hickey

Meets: February - August, on a Wednesday at 9am
Staff Liaison: Linda Morales
  • Noelia Johnson
    Noelia Johnson
    Lyceum, 2021 Executive Account Manager Kwik Tow 6029195695
  • Delana Petrosky
    Delana Petrosky
    Regional Manager Chamberlin & Associates, LLC (602)843-3100
  • Allysia Hemsworth
    Allysia Hemsworth
    Property Manager The Woods Apartments at Midvale Park (520)889-2666
  • Jordan Button
    Jordan Button
    Account Executive Rent. (Tucson)

Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs Committee determines the direction of the association’s lobbying and government relations activities, sets the policy direction for state and local advocacy efforts and works to educate members on legislation and regulations impact operations. This committee is open to all Regular Members and Industry Partners who have been a member of AMA for at least five (5) years or are Lyceum Leadership program alumni or current lyceum leadership program participants. Industry Partner members are ex-officio non-voting members.

Meets: Monthly, except July and August.
Staff Liaison: Angelika Johnson

Meets: Monthly, except July and August.
Staff Liaison: Linda Morales
  • Dustin Lacey
    Dustin Lacey
    VP of Technology & Marketing Mark-Taylor Residential
    Phoenix Chair
  • Elizabeth Beaulieu
    Elizabeth Beaulieu
    CAPS, Lyceum Graduate, Designated Broker Portfolio Director Quarterpenny Management
    Tucson Chair
  • Gregory Flatt
    Gregory Flatt
    Regional Portfolio Director MC Residential (520)209-1631
    Tucson Vice Chair

Education Committee

The Education Committee sets the direction of the association education calendar, as well as the trade show education conference.

Meets: Every other month on the second Wednesday from 11:30am-12:30pm
Staff Liaison: Melissa Lanouette
  • Rachael Kish
    Rachael Kish
    CAM, CAPS VP, Operations Asset Living (623)693-9980
  • Denise Holliday
    Managing Partner Hull, Holliday & Holliday, PLC (602)230-0088

Events Committee

The Events Committee plans and executes AMA events, including the Golf Tournament (Tucson), Trade Show (both), Reverse Trade Show (Tucson), and Lawn Games (Phoenix).

Meets: Monthly on the fourth Wednesday from 9:30am-10:30am
Staff Liaison: Melissa Lanouette

Meets: Monthly, on a Wednesday at 10:30am
Staff Liaison: Linda Morales
  • Michelle Sinclair
    Michelle Sinclair
    Senior General Manager Optima Realty Inc.
    Phoenix CO-CHAIR
  • Rhonda Wooder
    Rhonda Wooder
    National Account Manager Chadwell Supply (602)628-1414
  • Lauren Reece
    Lauren Reece
    Marketing and Training Director Quarterpenny Management (520)300-6876
  • Tracey Wilson
    Tracey Wilson
    Property Services Representative Dunn-Edwards Paints Corporation

Industry Partner Committee

The Industry Partner Committee (IPC) endeavors to maximize the value of AMA Industry Partner membership through increased business and educational opportunities with consistent promotion of the “Members Supporting Members” program.

Meets: Monthly on the Fourth Tuesday from 3pm-4pm
Staff Liaison: Charnissa Moore

Meets: Quarterly
Staff Liaison: Linda Morales
  • Tim Furnas
    Tim Furnas
    CEO Avalanche Security Solutions, LLC #1727691 (520)595-1825
  • Bry Carter
    Bry Carter
    LYCEUM, NAAEI VP of Sales and National Recruitment The Phoenix Staffing (623)692-9086

Developers Subcommittee

The Developers Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the Government Affairs Committee that focuses only on development issues. This subcommittee is open to Regular Members Developers only.

Meets: Monthly, except July and August.
Staff Liaison: Angelika Johnson
  • Reid Butler
    Reid Butler
    Butler Housing Company
  • John Carlson
    John Carlson
    President Mark-Taylor Residential