Organization Overview

Threshold is a centralized network of resources and support for property owners and managers to help them end homelessness.

Threshold bolsters housing programs to work even better for property owners and managers. We offer:

financial incentives
a dedicated owner support team
easy-to-use software that makes leasing properties a breeze
and the financial and technical support to keep property valuable and in good repair

– allowing you to provide safe and stable homes for your community.
Daniel Davis
Daniel Davis
Jodi Fragnoli
Jodi Fragnoli Communications Coordinator
Kevin Burton
Kevin Burton Threshold Marketing Coordinator
Kevin Francis
Mike Shore
Stella Darnell
AMA Logo Industry Partner

Vendor Service Category
Low Income Housing Program Administration
Industry Partner Patron Level
Will provide services to Independent Rental Owners (1-100 units)
Service Region
Metro Phoenix, Metro Tucson