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Tuesday, August 29, 2023
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Arizona Time)

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Event Details


Tuesday, August 29 
11:00am | Zoom

Event Details

Join us for an important event supporting the National Apartment Association  Political Action Committee (NAAPAC) and Arizona Multihousing Association Political Action Committee (AMAPAC).  Speakers will provide a federal and state legislative update.  

The session will cover many state and local topics, including:

  • The Biden Administration’s “Blueprint for a Renters Bill Rights;”
  • Finally ending the CARES Act’s 30-day notice to vacate provision.
  • Passing commonsense federal reforms like the Yes In My Back Yard Act and the Section 8 reform Bill, the Choice in Affordable Housing Act.
  • AZ Legislative introduction of 20 plus bills negatively impacting rental owners including rent stabilization, elimination of the rent control municipal preemption, source of income anti-discrimination, elimination of rental fees, elimination of just cause lease terminations,
  • Arizona water issues, will it halt new rental housing construction?
  • Sales tax on residential rent will finally sunset saving residents and owners.

Why is AMAPAC Important?

Amy Wise, The Bella Group Jim Wilson, NAA Courtney LeVinus, AMA


For More Information:

Sarah Fluke
Sarah Fluke
Deputy Director Arizona Multihousing Association (602)296-6212