Project S.A.F.E. AMA 5 star program

Project S.A.F.E.

(An AMA 5 Star Program)

Project S.A.F.E. (Safety Awareness Family Education) focuses on educating residents and the philosophy of the family unit. Properties are asked to hold a safety social to bring their residents together to educate them on important safety issues facing them, their families, and their Community. The topics vary from ID theft and fire safety to pet safety. 

Project S.A.F.E. is a proven, valuable program for property managers, staff, and residents alike. Residents and managers who have participated in Project S.A.F.E. have attributed many success stories directly to their participation in this program - from saving a drowning child to preventing a fire in a senior community. Stay connected and join the Facebook 5 Star with Project S.A.F.E. Group.​ Learn more about the 5 Star Program!

A Project S.A.F.E. event is an annual requirement of the overall 5 Star Safety Certification program. Properties that feel particularly proud of their event are encouraged to enroll in the 5 Star Best Of Awards when they submit their final 5 Star Application each year. Project S.A.F.E. award categories include:

  • Best Resident Turnout
  • Best Community Participation
  • Best Community Invitation or Flyer
  • Best Use of Theme
  • Committee's Choice for Best Overall Event

And NEW THIS YEAR, we will be including awards for the overall 5 Star Safety Certification program, as well!

Registration and the Final Application with Best Of Award enrollment may be found on the main 5 Star page.

Click HERE for 5 Star!

▶ Project S.A.F.E. Resources & Requirements

  • During Your Event
    • Sign-In Sheet (Required if enrolling in "Best Of - Resident Turnout")
    • Tell Your Residents About Project SAFE and why it is important. 
    • Speaker Back-Up Plan
    • Important Requirement: While use of a third party event planning company is permitted, at least one person from your site's team must be actively in attendance at your Project S.A.F.E. event.
  • After Your Event
    • Application for Certification and "Best Of" Enrollment" (Required)
    • Optional Scrapbook (Phoenix submissions only) - Submit a physical scrapbook that overviews your event to the AMA Office (1415 N 7th Ave, PHX) by November 29, 2024. Please note this is earlier than the overall deadline. Electronic submissions may still be submitted through November 30.