Helpful Tips For Associate Members

AMA Newsroom,


  1. Set-up a hot line- Show your clients that you’re still here for them. Schedule a block of time where customers can chat or DM you questions about products and services.
  2. Over communicate-Your customers are your community. Let them know how you’re responding to the Coronavirus, if anything has changed about how you’re conducting business, and what health precautions you’re taking. Ask them how you can support them during this time. Send weekly emails to check in to see if there is anything that they need or just how they are doing.

  3. Payment options-As many people face different financial strain or cash flow issues Create more options for payment if you have the ability-perhaps ½ now ½ in 30 days or a slightly reduced rate for the next 60 days. Get creative. Offer reduction in service vs. no service at all.

  4. Video chat with customers-give them some face time to say connected.  Perhaps do it by management company.  This can give them a sense of  trust with you during what can be an isolated time.

  5. Share any of your positive reviews or feel good stories of how your company is impacting the community and the residents.

  6. Hiring-if you are hiring let them know so they can refer the resident who just lost their job.

  7. Be Flexible- Communicate with clients to understand their current protocols and restrictions during this time, to ensure your operations are adjusted to align with their needs.
  1. Let them know what you are doing- Let them know what you're doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 Send an email to your customers and post signage in your office to assure them that you're doing everything you can to protect their health and the health of your team. Share any increased cleaning, disinfecting and hygiene protocols you're following, and let them know that you are enforcing self-quarantine among any employees who might be experiencing symptoms. If you are altering your hours or closing for a deep-clean, you should let your customers know that, too.

  2. Increase your social media presence-Your customers are already on social media, but these days, they are likely checking in much more frequently to get the latest updates on the virus. Whether you're posting about the virus specifically or trying to offer light, positive content to help take people's minds off the panic, it can be helpful to increase your posting frequency to ensure you are showing up in their news feeds.

  3. Leave it at the door-drop off little treats at the door and sit in your car and call them and tell them you are leaving something outside for them. Be sure to include your business card.